We gather the world’s top teachers to ensure you get the best educational experience.

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Throughout any endeavour, having a mentor is invaluable. They teach, supervise and encourage their students, helping them to reach their goals. Helppo recruits tutors from Europe, Canada, the United States, Great Britain, Australia, and New Zealand. Our tutors go through a rigorous interview process, so we know they are friendly, professional, and amazing at their jobs. Many have graduated from top-ranking universities while others are retired professors, faculty lecturers, or graduate students in law or medicine. All of them are highly experienced teachers specializing in their fields. Our English tutors are native speakers, while all other tutors are fluent in English, which means they can improve English language skills and subject knowledge simultaneously. Overall, our tutors help students become more interested in learning, broaden their thinking, and provide consulting services to further a student’s education and can give valuable insights on what academic or professional life is like abroad.

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Helppo Tutors Specialize in Developing Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing Skills in ESL Students

Our team of tutors at Helppo are all native English speakers and have advanced degrees in educating ESL students. One of our lead tutors Sarah has 20 years of experience teaching in Canada, Thailand, Japan, and China. Additionally, she conducts sessions virtually to increase her accessibility to students not located in her area. Sarah has provided students the necessary tools and instruction to achieve excellent scores on entrance exams such as YLE, KET, and PET. Additionally, Teacher Sarah tutors students in IELTS, TOFEL, TOEIC, and any other international public examination preparation. As with most of our tutors, Teacher Sarah is well rounded and can also teach primary and secondary education classes, as well as business English classes. Our tutors are educated and trained in a multitude of subjects and curricula to ensure their students’ success in whatever their educational endeavors are.

To train children's English skills, Teacher Julia is the best choice. She is an English writer, editor and teacher. She has a master's degree in English writing and can teach HKDSE, IB, IELTS, TOFEL, ACT and AP courses. Julia has taught in kindergarten for five years and is good at improving children's English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills through songs and stories.

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Our Highly Qualified and Educated Tutors include a College Mathematics Professor to Provide Students with University-level instruction to Ensure Success

Our company Helppo also focuses on supplementing and enriching students’ STEM education. Among our team, we have Dr. Carl, a University of Maryland professor. Dr. Carl has a doctorate degree in mathematics and over 30 years of teaching experience . His friendly and welcoming demeanor fosters an enjoyable learning environment, where students feel comfortable asking questions and become more passionate about learning mathematics. Dr. Carl is a mathematics education expert and has led many of our students to success in the mathematics portion of GRE, GMAT, MCAT, IB Exams, AP Calculus AB and BC, SAT, and SAT Subject Tests, as well as AP Statistics and College-Level Statistics.

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Teacher Clara completed her BS degree and is currently a Masters of Science candidate in biochemistry at the University of California, San Diego. She has expertise tutoring biology and chemistry, and also through her position as a lab assistant at UCSD, she can help students understand the underlying principles of experiments to help them become more acquainted with the lab environment. She teaches students how to go beyond the concepts and gain problem-solving skills, which are so necessary in coursework. Clara is also eager to share her experiences about studying at UCSD.

Teacher Alisha has both a BASc (Queen's University, Canada) and MASc (University of Toronto, Canada) in chemical engineering. She is an experienced tutor who has previously taught both chemistry and mathematics to students at the elementary, high school, and university/college levels. She’s great at breaking down complex information and explaining it using a simpler perspective. Alisha can also share her experiences of studying at two of Canada’s most prestigious universities.

High-quality, low cost tutoring sessions with trained experts. Schedule a free one-on-one trial session today.

Helppo’s fees are 30-40% less than tutors with the same qualifications in Hong Kong. Our reduced cost comes from our lack of overhead for renting physical tutoring space, and we pass on these savings to you! New students can attend a free trial class and participate in a 30-minute one-on-one session with a designated instructor.

If this instruction proves helpful, we then pair you with the same tutor to conduct weekly sessions. Students can then get in contact with their tutor through Helppo’s platform to inform them of difficulties they experience in daily homework, or concepts they are struggling with. This allows our instructors to plan their sessions accordingly, and through Helppo’s instant messaging feature and file-sending tools, potential students can reach out to tutors and see if they are the right fit for their specific learning style. After the trial session is over, the student can then choose to continue sessions and enroll in Helppo’s tutoring. Helppo’s tutoring service is extremely flexible, as there is no bundled fee or required number of sessions per student. For more details, please check Helppo’s website, or reach out to a customer service representative!